See this meme? Once you see the truth for yourself, this is how you will react. It happens all the time once people see the light and realize that they will NEVER get another mortgage, EVER. And they will never recommend anyone else get a mortgage ever again either…

Sorry mortgage brokers and loan officers, I know why you don’t recommend this and why you spin the truth in your favor. You make money on ridiculous closing costs. You want people to refinance their homes to access their own money. That means more closing costs for you and more debt for them. Without that, you make no money. I don’t even blame you for that, I blame the banking industry that made getting a mortgage the “normal” thing to do. HELOCS don’t have closing costs and you can access your equity at all times without paying a fee. There is no debate, the math is the math. Don’t bother trying to have some kind of debate with the truth here, this post is to help educate the hard working person that doesn’t deserve to be in debt their whole life, going from mortgage to mortgage.

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Debt = Slavery (yeah I know, good debt is different, that’s not what we’re talking about here. Your home is not an asset, talk to Robert Kiyosaki about it)

Debt free = FREEDOM…. and when you are free, your life is better, period.

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They’ll also tell you that it’s not a good idea to pay your home off in 5-7 years. Seriously, they will actually tell you that paying it off in 30 years is the better idea. I’ve been doing this long enough now to know that there isn’t one mortgage in this entire country where it would have cost you less than implementing the HELOC strategy, a 100% PROVEN strategy that enables you to pay off your home in 5-7 on your EXISTING INCOME & WITHOUT REDUCING YOUR EXPENSES. Stop listening to these people, THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND MONEY. They’ve been TOLD they understand money by their bosses and mainstream teachers, that’s all.

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Listen, the fees and interest the banking industry charges you are insane. It’s no secret either, you can google that and read all the articles that talk about the record profits banks make on just fees alone. There’s a reason the banks are the biggest buildings downtown. Where do you think all that money came from to build those? That’s right, YOU.

Their goal is to keep you in debt, my goal is to show you how to get outta debt FAST. Don’t believe the mainstream bulshit, I challenge you to switch your thinking and click this link, see for yourself. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! www.OneMinuteMortgageQuiz.com

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Message me privately if you wanna talk, I will help you understand this.

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