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Real Reviews From Real People Just Like You


Mike has all the signs of a true strong leader capable of training and inspiring others to stay the course when things get tough. A rare breed indeed.

Mark Dade

CEO - Black Diamond Shoes

If you are looking for a mentor, a leader then Mike is your Man. His knowledge and skills are simply unmatched when it comes to Attraction Marketing, a true student of the Industry.

David Richman

Business Consultant

Mike Grady is 100% a team leader. I’m proud and honored to be working with him

Johnathan Lewis


Mike has a wealth of information and really knows how to take the guesswork out of building and growing a online business. Mike’s vast knowledge has helped shed years off of the learning curve.

Michelle Van Etten

CEO - Unstoppable Angels

I watched Mike from a distance in a different business. I recently started working with him directly & am very impressed. I'm excited to learn & grow from such a caring & proven leader in the industry

Jeannine Bearce

Sales Administrator

Mike is a go-getter and an incredible businessman. He understands his clients well and brings great value to them via Network Marketing and Wealth Management consultation.

Ayesha S

Marketing Manager

Mike pays very close attention to detail. He is a quick decision-maker & very passionate about his work. He is very knowledgeable about building & growing an online business. I loved working with him.

Anurag Kumar

Community Success Manager

Mike is well-organized & demonstrates an exceptional eye for detail. His cooperative nature & extraordinary results in our collaborative campaigns are a testament to his skills.

Deepesh Nigam

Eprenz Marketing Manager

Mike is one of the best trainers that you could find in the business. I'm sure there are many who wish they had taken him up on joining him on this journey of breaking free from the 9-5 grind.

Robert Bartlett

Network Marketing Expert
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