6 Creative Communication Strategies That Set You Apart

Discovering Distinct Messaging Approaches

The adage used to be that a potential customer required encountering an offer seven times before making a purchase decision. However, recent insights suggest this number has risen to 12. How diverse are your modes of engaging with your audience? The greater the variety, the higher the likelihood of converting them into customers.

Here are six innovative methods to establish an enhanced level of interaction between you and your audience.


A word of caution: none of these methods grant you ownership; they are under the control of Facebook™. As such, it’s wise to have alternative means of reaching out to individuals connected to Facebook™ platforms, as these could be lost abruptly without notice.

Messenger Bots/Autoresponder:

This is the latest trend. New software permits you to build a list within Facebook™ Messenger, boasting a nearly 100% deliverability rate and a staggering open rate of over 90%. The effectiveness largely hinges on your message, your product, and your rapport with prospects. While constructing these bots can be expensive or time-consuming, the payoff is well worth the effort.

Facebook Live:

Depending on your audience’s preferences, you can go live from a personal account, page, or group. The significance of Facebook™ Lives lies in the fact that they receive a higher visibility boost, especially considering Facebook™ has recently reduced the reach of personal accounts. To enhance visibility, you can format your content as a Facebook™ Live video.


Forming a group centered around topics of interest to your audience offers a private platform to interact with members. Delve into significant concerns and address challenges they face, particularly highlighting problems your products can solve.


Although the organic reach of pages on Facebook™ has decreased over time, investing some effort in creating an active page remains valuable. The primary advantage is that it becomes easier to target advertisements to individuals who have liked your page. Active pages attract more likes and prospects, amplifying your reach.

Push Messaging:

Have you encountered requests for notification permissions when visiting a new website? Push notifications present another avenue to connect with your audience. These notifications pop up on web browsers whenever you choose to send them. Use this feature to share content and promotional offers alike, ultimately leading to increased engagement and revenue.


While many people are hesitant to provide their cell phone numbers, some might do so if genuinely intrigued by your endeavors. Incorporate it as an optional field alongside “email” and “name” on your landing pages (be sure to label it as optional to preserve leads). Ensure you send not only offers but also valuable content to maintain interest.

Constructing These Innovative Messaging Networks

The process of expanding your reach involves inviting individuals to join these alternative platforms. Encourage them to sign up by offering incentives, such as a giveaway for joining an additional list. Seamlessly integrate these new methods into your existing email subscription options. Enlist individuals in various messaging systems to maximize your outreach.

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